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Symbols Used in Police Coins

The choice of what exactly to depict on a challenge or commemorative coin is important because of the lasting and symbolic nature of such a coin. Often the symbols selected for use in the coin design are widely recognized and historic with a rich legacy.

The Law Enforcement Badge
A perennial favorite design for one side of a law enforcement coin is to reproduce the star or crest depicted on the department badge. Such badges have a history of development and symbolism that makes them a compelling choice to use in the coin design. Learn more.

Saint Michael
The patron saint of law enforcement, Saint Michael is usually depicted as an armor-clad, winged angel slaying the devil. This image is a commonly used symbol associated with law enforcement and one of the stock dies of Northwest Territorial Mint. This Saint dates back to biblical mythology. Learn more here.

Other Symbols Used
Of course, police in action, specialty police teams, such as SWAT, representations of the eagle, associated municipal seals, and many other items have been used. Find out more here.

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