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Other Police Coin Symbols

Any number of city or county seals, oaths of protection, eagles, knights slaying dragons or other symbols of of valor or heroics can be and have been used as symbolic objects on commemorative coins. Often the police officer, as an individual or as a unit such as SWAT team, is prevalent as a featured coin object.

The events on and after 9/11 placed police and firefighters squarely front and center as symbols of the American hero, which in turn spiked the popularity of immortalizing the sacrifices many made on that day in the form of commemorative coins. The American Flag has also appeared on police coins with regularity.

Words representing an officer’s duty are often seen. Among the most popular words are professionalism, integrity, dedication, courage, honor, service, and the phrase To Protect and Serve.

The sword, as the chief weapon that knights of chivalric times used for protection and in defense of the rule of the land, is sometimes also seen on such coins, in an x shape with another sword, or with another symbol, such as a lightning bolt. Another weapon sometimes seen is that of the medieval ax, another weapon of the knight. Scales, often used as a symbol of justice, make their way onto many police coins.

Certain animals can be used as well. Eagles, in various forms, whether flying or not, are perhaps seen most, but animals of regional significance are also used. Snakes or other symbols of serpents, perhaps as symbols of the dangers about which police protect society, are used as well as other serpent like creatures.

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