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Police Coins & Medallions

SWAT CoinWhether for police or sheriff's departments, SWAT units or emergency service groups, a custom-designed medallion has become a favorite way to help develop cohesiveness and pride. Custom medallions have also become a tradition in many departments to honor special occasions, such as VIP arrivals, promotions, retirements and anniversaries of landmark dates. In addition, many departments have found medallions to be a valued gift for volunteers and department visitors. Such a coin is a timeless source of pride for both the officer and the unit.

Fort Myers Police CoinWhy Coins?
The use of custom medallions as a badge of honor for a group originated through the military’s tradition of the challenge coin, which nearly every squadron or unit possesses and gives to its members. That tradition spread to many police departments and elsewhere as a natural extension to express pride and belonging. Unlike many other types of gifts, a coin is a permanent and valuable object that will remain prized for generations. It can appreciate in value and be sought by collectors.

Historical Landmarks
Every police department has a number of things in which it takes extreme pride. Often those are landmark events associated with a date that the department will choose to commemorate with an anniversary coin. Northwest Territorial Mint has a stock die depicting every common anniversary year, which greatly simplifies minting such a coin.

Please visit our gallery of coins to see a wide variety of police coins. See a sampling of what other police departments have created through Northwest Territorial Mint. Coins have much small and fine detail. All gallery images are enlarged from the actual coin size to allow for better viewing of coin detail and quality.

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